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The game currently in an early development stage. Feel free to post your thoughts and criticism!

Recon control is a turn-based strategy focused on combat. You play as a commander of the small special operations unit. Choose right fighters for a specific tasks, train them, buy equipment and lead your unit through a set of missions to the final.

Key features:

  • Turn based battles with a classic 10 action points per turn system.
  • Skill tree with active, passive and secret skills. You can develop your fighters into different specialists (stealth scout, combat medic, breacher and more).
  • Plenty of various equipment to choose from. Weapons, armor, grenades, mines and more.
  • Campaign designed for 1.5 - 2 hours of gameplay.
  • Ironman mode for experienced players or someone who is looking for additional challenge.
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Published 18 days ago
StatusIn development
Made withUnity
TagsTurn-Based Combat


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It'd be helpful if there was a better way to compare weapon statistics, and a way to autobuy your consumable items after every mission would probably help. A music track or two wouldn't hurt either. On the gameplay side I feel like some of the shotguns are a bit too AP costly to be worth the use and the game would probably benefit from a tutorial but that's about it. 

All in all I really enjoyed the first game and so far this is looking to be a step forward in almost every regard. I'm loving it. The changes to the gunplay and item systems are a big step up. I do miss the sledgehammer though. 


About auto-buy. Not sure how to implement this right. But I will spend some time thinking over it.

Now there are only 2 melee weapons. For sure will be more in the future. I was also thinking about sledgehammer. I have an idea to give it the ability to break doors and walls.

What about the rest things, those are either in progress or will be implemented sooner or later.

Thank you for your time and review!